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Coellina was founded in 2009 and is a family business based in Carinthia. Our journey started and is still at our very core. With our enthusiasm for fine linen and our dream to design high quality textiles.

Finding a supplier that meets our high-quality standards quickly led us to Italy. There are two reasons: On the one hand, our great love for the country, for the inimitable feeling for life, the language and the Italian grandeur. On the other hand, we find real experts at work. In Italy textile craftsmanship has not only been realised, but truly celebrated for centuries.

Today, a traditional weaving mill in northern Italy produces our high-quality bedding made of shiny and soft satin, lightweight percale cotton and natural linen. With a lot of creativity and hundreds of different colours, new designs can be created at any time. Our table linen and bathroom textiles are also entirely produced and finished in Italy.


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